Summer bikinis from Alexandra Daddario

With summer winding down, we can see many lovely women and celebrity babes posting their summer bikini photos on social media.

Here’s lovely Alexandra Daddario hanging out with her old roommate as she inspects her bikini cleavage:

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Vote with Cerina Vincent and her bikini!

Sexy actress Cerina Vincent uses a hot bikini photo to educate people on registering to vote.

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Now that I have your attention… 😜💋 It’s #nationalvoterregistrationday and if you’re 18 (or older) and haven’t registered to vote, NOW IS THE TIME! Clink the link in my bio to register! 💙❤️ We all have to vote like our life depends on it… because it does. ✨ Oh, I also encourage you to watch #thesocialdilemma on @netflix —tons of misinformation and propaganda is spread through social media and people have lost sight of the truth. Check it out, then let me know what you think? I’m spending less time on SM these days because I’m chasing a toddler and writing and creating. But, when I am on… I’m trying to be aware of not mindlessly scrolling, and really choosing what and who I want to look at that is #soulgiving and not #soulsucking ✨ #bikini Photo from @striderimage for @lifeafterproject —a non profit for #suicideprevention and #domesticviolence ✨ #vote @rockthevote #2020

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Ashley Hinshaw in retro bikini shoot

Beautiful Ashley Hinshaw looks amazing in her tiny bikini with the classic car and motel sign in the background.

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Who wants to go to the beach?

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Aly Raisman in her Aerie bikini

Lovely Aly Raisman sports a new bikini on her Instagram page from Aerie. The post also includes a great intro from Aly about bullying and body positive attitudes.

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Growing up, I trained almost every day because I loved gymnastics so much, it was my favorite thing in the world. I love being active, so I was always excited to try new sports. I enjoyed playing sports with the kids in my class, but I soon realized some of the boys didn’t enjoy playing with me. When I was in fifth grade, a few boys in my class told me my muscles were gross and I looked like I was on steroids. They began running around the playground calling me “roids.” I walked away with my head down, fighting back tears. It crushed me. I felt so self-conscious; I wanted to hide. I remember this vividly because words are powerful. I also remember a time in 7th grade when a few boys told me my muscles were “disgusting.” I can remember it like it was yesterday. I even remember what I was wearing — a pink tank top. Although 5th and 7th grade were a long time ago, those moments stayed with me for years. I wish they hadn’t. I didn’t wear tank tops again for a very, very long time. Sadly, I think most people experience bullying at some point in their lives. I wanted to write this post to remind you all to be kind to one another and remember your words are powerful. We live in such a judgmental world, and I hope that changes. I also hope we can work together to educate young boys and girls about the damage of body shaming and the impact it has on body dysmorphia. I am proud to work with Aerie because they are showing us how beautiful and unique we all are. For every unretouched photo you share with #AerieREAL @Aerie, Aerie will donate $1 (now up to $100K!) to @NEDA. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sending you all lots of love. Hope you’re well 💕 #NoRetouch

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Salma Hayek shows off her bikini body on Twitter

Salma Hayek looks amazing in her black bikini!